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This website contains several special applets that I developed for students and teachers who were field-testing my CBA books published by Heinemann. Use of the applets requires only a browser. However, the applets that I developed in the early days of CBA do not have full functionality; these applets are very basic. But, the applets are still very useful for instruction that targets the needs of students at particular CBA levels.

Much more sophisticated versions of the geometry and measurement applets will be included in my new iDGi Online Geometry program, which is under development with support from the National Science Foundation.

Click on CBA above to see the CBA applets.

If you are working with me on iDGi and have a userid for iDGi, click the iDGi button.


Michael T. Battista

EHE Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education
Department of Teaching and Learning
College of Education and Human Ecology
The Ohio State University
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